Four Pillars of FarmHouse

Socially and Morally

FarmHouse Fraternity provides several opportunities for its members to build relationships with other students across campus. In the fall, our chapter hosts a tailgate for each home football game. Fall is also the time of year that the chapter hosts its annual barn dance. Across all times of year, the chapter hosts socials with sororities on campus.


FarmHouse Fraternity provides opportunities for men to improve themselves physically. Our chapter participates in several intramurals a year. Some popular ones for our members are sand volleyball, basketball, flag football, and indoor soccer. Some brotherhoods are also a way to provide fun ways for our members to become fit and bond as brothers. Some events that have been held are broomball and paintball.


FarmHouse has had a history of high academic success. In the Fall of 2019 our members finished fifth among 37 IFC fraternities with a 3.38 GPA. The following semester the chapter improved its GPA to a 3.58 average. Our chapter achieves high academic success by integrating two 24/7 quiet areas within the house, free tutoring services for all our members, and free printing services. Our chapter also annually hosts a Faculty Appreciation Dinner each at the chapter house to further our relationships with university staff.


Members have the opportunity to grow in their faith by attending a chapter bible study led by both members and campus missionaries. Some men have also been known to join faith-based campus registered student organizations such as Cru and Greek Intervarsity.