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There are many reasons to join FarmHouse. Here are a few:

Cost of Living

Many choose to live at FarmHouse Fraternity because of its low cost. A traditional dorm room with full classic meal credits for the 2019-2020 school year will cost $12,190. This cost can get as high as $28,074 for some university housing. Our fraternity offers an affordable option to those attending the university at $8,500 a year. This includes five lunches, four dinners, and two hot breakfasts a week. It also includes printing, wifi, washing and drying services. Farmhouse is approved by Private Certified Housing as a space for living for students. This means that freshmen may choose to live at FarmHouse over the dorms. Many of our members choose to live in-house for all four years because of this.

Community Involvement

Men within FarmHouse Fraternity have been known to take an active part within their home and campus community. Our chapter requires each member to perform ten hours of community service each semester. FarmHouse provides many opportunities to its members to record those hours. Some previous activities our members have helped with are community cleanups, judging FFA competitions, and parking vehicles for Power of the Purse. Our chapter also plans philanthropy each semester; in the fall we donate to Champaign County Toys for Tots and in the spring we raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our chapter has also been known to donate to other greek organizations and registered student organizations’ philanthropy events as well.

Social Life

There are plenty of opportunities to improve your social life while being a member of our brotherhood. One way to do this is by creating lifelong friends within the chapter. We grow as brothers through ceremonies, brotherhoods, and living together. During your time in FarmHouse, you may also meet many alumni of our chapter or members of one of the other 30+ chapters. FarmHouse also provides many social experiences to its members to connect with sororities on campus. This may be as a game night, bar crawl, or turning the chapter house into a miniature golf course. There are no limits to the relationships you can create through the expansive FarmHouse network of friendships both on and off campus.

Academic Success

FarmHouse has had a history of high academic success. In the Fall of 2020, our members finished seventh among 37 IFC fraternities with a 3.64 GPA. Our chapter achieves high academic success by integrating two 24/7 quiet areas within the house, free tutoring services for all our members, and free printing services. Our chapter has also been known to host Faculty Appreciation Dinners and Graduate School Information Nights. Our members are always willing to help each other out, and that includes making sure brothers are reaching their full potential academically.

Professional Development

The Illinois Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity works to help its members to reach career success. Each fall our chapter hosts a career panel for our members to meet and engage with recruiters as well as ask questions before the career fair to learn tips to succeed. Our chapter also invites alumni to review resumes as an extra set of eyes before showing possible employers. For many years FarmHouse has been able to boast 100% placement rates for the chapter’s seniors upon graduation. The brothers in house and alumni out of house work hard to ensure that all members can find a career perfect for them.

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